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Who can apply?

If you have been in care at any time in the past and you are aged 17 – 25 years old, you can apply for a grant from The Capstone Care Leavers’ Trust.

Even if you have had a grant from Social Services, or any other department of the Local Authority, you can still apply to the CCLT if you have less money than you need to buy essential household items, or pay for something that will contribute to your educational and personal development, and will improve your quality of life.

You are not limited to the number of applications you can make to CCLT, however, you must wait 12 months before re-applying if you have received a grant from us.

If your application is unsuccessful, you can re-apply if this was due to a lack of Trust funds at the time you submitted your application, or there was not enough information on the original application, or there is a change in your circumstances. You do not have to wait 12 months.

Grants are given for use by the applicant only.

Note: Any applicant that cannot be contacted within 4 weeks of a grant being agreed by the Trustees will unfortunately lose the award.

It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change to your contact details.

Grants can only be considered where the applicant meets the eligibility criteria and funds are available to meet the request.

Eligibility Criteria