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Who can apply?

If you have been in care at any time in the past and you are aged 17 – 25 years old, you can apply for a grant from The Capstone Care Leavers’ Trust.

Even if you have had a leaving care grant, or financial support from any other Local Authority department, you can still apply to the CCLT if you have less money than you need to buy essential household items, or pay for something that will contribute to your educational and personal development, that cannot be funded by any other means.

You can apply more than once, however, you must wait 12 months before re-applying if you have already received a grant from us.

If your application is unsuccessful, you can re-apply if there is a change in your circumstances. You do not have to wait 12 months.

Grants are given for use by the applicant only.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any change to your contact details. Please read below

If, after several attempts we are unable to contact you by phone, text or email, any time after you have submitted an application, your application will close.


Grants can only be considered where the applicant meets the eligibility criteria and funds are available to meet the request.

Please Note:


The Capstone Care Leavers Trust (CCLT) is a charity in England and Wales.  As such its Trustees are free to make, or refuse grants within its officially registered areas of operation.  A refusal is usually made with regret and often with explanation and/or advice.  We are prepared to listen if you have got evidence that we have got something wrong.  However, the Trustees’ decisions, usually communicated through the Manager, are final. 




Eligibility Criteria