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How can we help you?

Individual grants are most likely to be for amounts between £300 and £2,000,but we will consider awards of up to £3000 specifically in relation to Higher Education fees, or Training courses that are not funded by Student Finance England, the Local Authority, or where all other educational grant, bursary or subsidy entitlements have been exhausted and dependant upon your individual circumstances.

This could also include tools or equipment that are essential for the course.

We may be able to help with the costs of starting a new job, or paying for uniforms or work clothes that are not paid for by the employer but essential to the job.

The items opposite are not an exhaustive list, but gives some examples of the sorts of things we can help with.

  • Important Note about requests for laptops: Most successful applications will be awarded a basic laptop or Chromebook style laptop, up to a maximum value of £300. If your request is for a higher spec laptop, we will need verification from the Course Tutor, or Course Co-ordinator, that this is an essential requirement for your course. 


  • Important note about DRIVING GRANTS:  For an application for driving lessons to be considered, you must already hold a valid Driving Theory Test certificate, which we will require a copy of, and state on the application the pass date, as well as meeting other qualifying factors. Please see Guidelines


How are grants paid?

We will usually pay any grant that we award direct to the supplier of the goods or services you need. Only in exceptional circumstances would we make a payment direct to your nominated bank account.

The Trustees generally will not provide grants for

Private accommodation costs, such as deposits and rent, daily living costs, food, utility bills. We cannot clear arrears or debts of any kind, pay credit card or mobile phone bills, overdraft or bank charges, Driving Theory Tests, or overseas trips or Courses.


We also offer general advice and guidance for care leavers and may also refer you to other organisations that may be able to give you further support.

If you would like to speak to someone about this

See the Contact Us page or check out these useful links

Education & Training

  • Further education courses
  • Higher education courses
  • Training courses
  • Specialist text books
  • Laptop
  • Essential tools or equipment for study, training or a new job
  • Help with travel costs to access courses, training, or first week/month at work
  • Driving lessons (See Guidance notes)
  • Practical driving test fee




Essential Household Items

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Cooker
  • Washing machine
  • Bed; cot;
  • Bedroom storage
  • Sofa
  • Table; chairs
  • Curtains; blinds
  • BASIC economy flooring