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Useful Links


Below is a list of organisations that may also be able to offer you support, advice & guidance, or other sorts of financial help.

http://www.tunstalljubileefoundation.org/  - Grants to Individuals & organisations. Supporting young people leaving care by the provision or improvement of accommodation, financial assistance and mentoring.  No age limit for beneficiaries

www.reesfoundation.org - (Small Crisis grants only)

http://www.thecareleaversfoundation.org/ (General Grants)

www.becomecharity.org.uk - (Information and advice)

www.turn2us.org.uk -  (Local charity search)

www.careleavers.com  (works to improve provision for care leavers)

www.sparkfoundation.org.uk  (General Grants )

https://wemindthegap.org.uk/ (Traineeships, coaching & general support to get into HE and or work) Projects in Wrexham, flintshire, Liverpool & Manchester. 

https://www.selfhelpservices.org.uk/ (Mental Health Support Manchester area)

www.voiceyp.org - (Advice)

www.rights4me.org - (Advice)

http://england.shelter.org.uk- (Housing advice & support)

http://www.coramvoice.org.uk/voices-2018  (General Advice & Guidance)

http://article26.hkf.org.uk/ (promote access to HE for Asylum Seekers and Refugees)

https://www.clinks.org/ (Promotes & represents the Voluntary sector working with people in the Criminal Justice system & their families)

http://propel.org.uk/UK/ - (HE funding)

http://www.driveforwardfoundation.com/ (employment training and personal development programmes)

http://www.start-again.co.uk/about-start-again-project/  (Support with debt, housing, employment)

https://capuk.org/i-want-help  (general support  for people in Hardship)

http://www.debtadvicefoundation.org/debt-tools/benefit-entitlement (Benefits & debt advice)

https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/links-organisations-giving-advice-benefits-care-and-debt (provides links to debt and benefit helplines and organisations)

http://www.adviceuk.org.uk/turn2us-benefits-calculator/ (benefits calculator)

https://hopefortheyoung.org.uk/funding/ (educational grants for refugees/asylum seekers)

http://www.refugee-study.co.uk/ (scholarships, grants and fee waivers for refugees & asylum seekers)

http://www.unitefoundation.co.uk/get-a-scholarship/ ( University accomodation scholarships)

https://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/help-at-hand/leaving-care-your-rights/ (General advice/guidance/entitlements)

https://lawstuff.org.uk/childrens-services/leaving-care-support/ (Legal advice & guidance)

https://childlawadvice.org.uk/information-pages/services-for-children-leaving-care/ (legal advice & guidance)

https://www.riftrefunds.co.uk/tax-rebates/uk-tax-refund-advice/tax-debt-and-mental-health/ (Debt Advice and Guidance & signposting for support services to help reduce debt)

https://goddessliving.co.uk/  (Supported Housing With Care For Women  with long term complex, enduring mental health problems) Contact Vicky Chittock 07970297584 or Tara Neal  07398395425